Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Intellectually Existing

intelligence is in each anchor that holds
each foot firmly to a cold stone wall
as if glued permanently, and in each toe
clenched tightly to the edge, and in each heel
entrenched in granite, immobilizing,
where rock is flesh is not distinct

intelligence is in each insight that sears
into the darkness and the void
from which light and creativity
and everything is born out
of each step taken whether with hope,
with faith, with fear, or without

intelligence is in each dream wooing
each possibility of what might spring to real
as anew, as change, as opportunity,
as loving, as respite, and in the simultaneous
inevitable knowing never
what has not yet come to be

intelligence is in each witness that bears
what hindsight undeniably divulges
as irrevocable past actuality, and in living plainly
in reality, and in each moment, and in now
as if trapped in avoid, as if nailed to air, as if
rooted in nowhere, as a chimera always is