Saturday, October 9, 2010


Finalized and published on my Facebook page: Anonymous

Ever So Slowly Sinking

Slowly dying. Not intentionally.
Nor unintentionally. Living

to die. Dying to live. Hidden
unmasked. Sinking into void.

Puzzled pieces broken
apart. Silence echoes

in the abyss. Screaming
quietly. Confessing to no one. In words.

In rhyme. Blatantly out loud within 
my mind. Telling the truth

with invisible lies. In fantasy. 
In reality. I commingle and romance.

Wishing For Pennies

silence in hidden sins never spilled
as pennies into a wishing well;
like smashing a head in— to a wall
of living as must thrust upon a soul;
in every breath of biting wind, dreams
of sound readily abound; caught within
a sticky web, the throat constricts 
around the unsaid; sunk in unwell
without pennies to lend; why
doesn’t alive seem to matter?